Products and services

Via Ocel boast many years of experience and great technical expertise in the energy sector. The gained experiences can be applied to all types of plants within the power and process industry.


  • Pressure equipment (evaporators, economisers and superheaters)
  • Steam pipework and feedwater pipework
  • Pulverised fuel firing systems (mill systems) and grate firing systems
  • Combustion air preheating systems
  • Flue gas systems
  • Fly ash, NOx and SOx emission reduction systems
  • Solid fuel storage and transportation systems
  • Ash handling systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • District heating substations


  • Conceptual engineering, procedures and feasibility studies
  • Service life assessment and extension and increase of efficiency
  • Project realization and management
  • Basic and detail engineering, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training
  • Design, manufacture and installation of HP, IP and LP piping
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing systems and plants
  • Construction of new facilities
  • Preparation of welding procedures, welding and post weld heat treatment
  • Maintainance of specific systems or entire plants