Thermal power plants and auxiliary systems

We are able to offer a variety of products and services in the field of power generation to conventional fossil fuel thermal power plants. We can offer consulting services for parts of the system as well as solutions for integrated systems related to construction of plants, increase of capacity and efficiency, as well as reconstruction of existing systems. In addition to the above, we have substantial and specific experiences in environmental projects for reducing harmful gas emissions in combustion products.

Based on our previously acquired experience and analyses, we are able to offer anything from defining technical requirements to commissioning using our own design, manufacture and installation capacities.

We would especially like to mention our experience on the following systems:

  • Pressure equipment (evaporators, economisers and superheaters)
  • Steam pipework and feedwater pipework
  • Pulverised fuel firing systems (mill systems) and grate firing systems
  • Combustion air preheating systems
  • Flue gas systems
  • Fly ash, NOx and SOx emission reduction systems
  • Solid fuel storage and transportation systems
  • Ash handling systems

You can get all the information concerning the conventional power generation from fossil fuels in one place.