Quality policy


VIA OCEL d.o.o. Beograd establishes its policy of integrated management systems in compliance with the general business policy and other company policies based on the establishment and application of the market oriented operation by providing good quality, timely and efficient services to our buyers, service beneficiaries and other stakeholders, in order to fully satisfy their requirements, needs and expectations, coupled with permanent development and increase of the effectiveness and efficiency in all locations of VIA OCEL business-manufacturing units.

VIA OCEL basic activity involves engineering, manufacturing, delivery, assembly and maintenance of tubular systems, vessels under pressure, and other equipment, as well as running into operation of the parts and components in thermo-electric and heating plants, chemical and industrial plants. All VIA OCEL activities are fully compliant with the applicable laws, regulations and requirements of its users, all with a view to achieving their maximum satisfaction when it comes to the provision of qualitative, timely and efficient services.

Priority tasks for the Company in its endeavor to accomplish its long-term objectives are, together with the establishment of integrated management system, to maintain and permanently upgrade all measures for the environment protection, to create safe and healthy working conditions and to manage optimally the important aspects of energy consumption for the purpose of their elimination and bringing down to acceptable level.

In order to make such commitment materialize, VIA OCEL has recruited a team of experienced and ambitious staff members who are upgrading and permanently improving the quality of the production process and of the services they render based on their knowledge and expertise

The objectives of VIA OCEL integrated management system policy involve:

  • satisfaction of users and buyers, of their declared and non-declared needs and expectations by observing at the same time the legal and other requirements particularly those relating to the environment protection and health and safety at work,
  • satisfaction of the needs and expectations, and establishment of an efficient communication with all stakeholders and other relevant organizations for the purpose of exchanging information important for the environment and the protection of health and safety at work,
  • application of the process approach and of the thinking based on risk,
  • promotion of the organization of the work intended for rational utilization of resources,
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficient process of production and service provision, investment in human resources and equipment so as to maintain the contemporaneous technological level,
  • training, education and motivation of the staff in all areas of operation of significance for the company,
  • preservation and raising of the company’s reputation through enhancement of its market position,
  • establishment and maintenance of partner relationships with the users, suppliers and sub-contractors, and
  • commitment to the prevention and constant decrease of the risk levels from the point of view of environment and health protection and safety at work, along with the monitoring and analyzing the accomplished achievements.
  • raising of awareness, expertise and competencies of each employee by way of systematic training for their active participation in the creation and improvement of integrated management system, mutual trust and appurtenance to the company
  • saving of natural resources and energy and their controlled and rational consumption, and
  • support to the purchase of energy efficient products and services, as well as of the design for the promotion of energy performances.


I am inviting all staff members to adhere to the documentation of integrated management systems and to implement it. We will in this way jointly ensure a continuous, timely and affordable manner for the fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of the users relating to the quality of the production process and of our services and to simultaneously improve by our own proposals and innovations the mode of operation so as to be ensured a continuous quality of our operation. VIA OCEL management has a duty to examine, revise and improve this Policy and the objectives arising from it on all locations of its operations for the purpose of its constant harmonization with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISSO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 standards, the work processes, legal and other requirements, of which the employees and all stakeholders will be timely notified.



Belgrade, 02.09.2019


Srdjan Mihajlovic, director

Beograd, 27.04.2017.

Predrag Šekeljić, direktor


The goal of VIA OCEL is to protect the organization of all threats, whether internal or external, random or intentional, through the establishment and continuous activities maintenance and improvement of the information security system.

Safety policy of VIA OCEL guarantees:

  • Confidentiality of information, maintenance of their integrity and availability in accordance with the requirements of business processes and safety requirements,
  • fulfillment of legal, regulatory and contractual obligations,
  • managing risks at an acceptable level through the design, implementation, and maintenance of information security systems,
  • an effective response, business continuity and fast recovery of business processes in the event of incidents
  • maintenance and improvement of safety system through analysis and application of acquired experiences, education and training of all employees and raise awareness on information safety.

This Safety policy is available to the public and all interested parties. A duty of top management is to implement and constantly review and improve the Safety policy.

Belgrade, 03/03/2017                                                                           Predrag Šekeljić, Director

Beograd, 03.03.2017.

Predrag Šekeljić, direktor